Razer Gaming Controller WOLVERINE ULTIMATE Edition - Xbox One

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Razer Gaming Controller WOLVERINE ULTIMATE Edition - Xbox One



Advanced settings for maximum control.

Created for players participating in competitive games, it gives you the ability to play anywhere and win anywhere. Play anywhere with Razer Wolverine, the most versatile controller for competitive games for Xbox One consoles, and PCs. With a removable joystick, a replaceable D-Pad and 6 multifunction buttons with the ability to remap, the Razer Wolverine can be adapted to your individual needs. Razer Wolverine is also the first Razer Chroma controller, which allows you to set additional individual controller settings or enjoy exciting lighting effects that are interconnected with games.

Replaceable joysticks and D-Pad for perfect customization

Achieve perfect compatibility and feel in the hands thanks to the removable joysticks and two removable D-Pad.

Choose the optimal height and shape of joysticks and quickly switch between the angles of inclination or individual layouts of the D-Pad buttons, achieving maximum comfort and efficiency of the game process.

Ergonomically designed multifunction buttons for maximum control

Razer Wolverine comes with a number of additional buttons that provide enhanced gaming capabilities - 2 multifunction bumpers with the ability to remap, 4 multifunction triggers and a quick setup panel. Now you can completely and easily control the gameplay, and thanks to the function of remapping on the fly or with Razer Synapse for Xbox, you can master the techniques of aerobatics, such as moving and aiming with the help of both joysticks.

Adjustable backlight Razer Chroma

Showcase your individual style with a wide selection of Razer Chroma lighting effects and stunning profiles, fully customizable in Razer Synapse for Xbox. Immerse yourself in the integrated games (for example, X, Y, Z) and observe how the backlight effects react to your gameplay.

Razer Synapse for Xbox

Designed for Xbox One and Windows 10, the all-in-one software is now realistic for maximum customization.

Sensitivity adjustment

Sensitivity functions increase or decrease the sensitivity of analog joysticks, providing a better aim and use of the weapon. By default, press and hold the M5 trigger to decrease the sensitivity, or the M6 ​​trigger to increase the sensitivity. Further adjustment of sensitivity levels using Synapse for Xbox.


- Works with Xbox One and PC (Windows 10)

- 6 additional bumpers and triggers with the possibility of reassignment

- Replaceable joysticks and D-Pad

- Backlight Razer Chroma

- Comes with carrying case


- 2 side multifunction bumpers based on Hype response technology

- 4 multifunction triggers based on Hype response technology

- 4 action buttons (ABXY) based on Hype response technology

- 4 buttons on the quick setup bar

- Razer Chroma multicolor backlight strip

- Additional stoppers for triggers for quick shooting

- Concave analog joysticks without the negative effect of slow rotation (Zero slow-turn)

- Audio jack 3,5 mm combined audio and microphone

- Fast cable connection system

Carrying case

- Detachable 3 m cable in protective sheath with micro-USB connector

- Dimensions: 106 mm (Length) x 156 mm (Width) x 66 mm (Height)

- Weight (without cable): 272 g


- Game controller Razer Wolverine Ultimate for Xbox One

- 2 removable joystick modules (long and short)

- USB Cable - Micro-USB + Breaking Cable

- D-pad module with variable angle of inclination

- Important product information

System requirements

- Xbox One / Xbox One S / Xbox One X with free USB port

- PC (Windows 7 or higher) with a free USB port

- Internet connection for Razer Synapse for Xbox


- The sound balance control function in game / voice only works with the Xbox One game console.

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