Dobe Mini Wireless Keyboard Keypad for Xbox S One Controller

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Dobe Mini Wireless Keyboard Keypad for Xbox S One Controller


  • This mini keyboard is design for Microsoft Xbox One (S) controller and it can connect with original Xbox One (S) old and new controllers perfectly, also with the headphone. It is compatible with various system of Xbox One (S) consoles.
  • Really a perfect combination of the wireless controller and this keyboard. It draws power from the wireless controller directly, there is no need to charge it with a charging cable.
  • This keyboard adopts 2.4G wireless protocol to transfer data; Easy to use: just connect this product with Xbox One (S) wireless controller, insert the 2.4G receiver to the USB port of Xbox One (S) console.
  • It is designed with number keys from 0-9 and 26 English letter keys and some assistant keys, total are 47 keys; very easy and convenient to input emails and instant messages, and group chat while playing games.
  • Its key surface is using the import environmental protection silicone and the metal dome switch to make it more comfortable at its bottom.


★ Applicable range: compatible for Microsoft Xbox One Slim the first and second original controller and elite controller 
★ Color: White 
★ Material: ABS Plastic 
★ Wireless transmission distance: effective range 8-10m 
★ Wireless protocol: 2.4G 
★ Working current (press the buttons): 0.8mA 
★ Sleeping current (No button pressing): 8UA 
★ Net weight: 62g 
★ Product dimension: 142x63x45mm 

1. Connect the keyboard to the back of the XBOX One S wireless controller. 
2. Insert the 2.4G receiver to any USB interface of the XBOX one S console, and enter the pairing key on the back of the Xbox One (S) keyboard within 15 seconds. It will be automatically paired while the blue indicator will glitter. (Note: when pairing, the distance between keyboard and receiver must be within 0.5 meters. If it fails, do above steps again.) 
3. If pairs successfully, its blue indicator will turn off. (Pair only once between the Xbox One (S) keyboard with 2.4G receiver. Open the console to awake the controller automatically for further use.) 
4. Then you can start the text message and email in the games to execute text input function. (with optimal keyboard design, you can type quickly only by your thumbs, which makes it more convenient and comfortable to use.) 
☆ Notice: Hold down the "Shift" key and select the key you need, then you can type the corresponding symbol. 

Package includes: 
1 x 2.4G Mini Wireless Chatpad Message Keyboard for Microsoft Xbox One S (White) 
1 x 2.4G Receiver 
1 x User Manual 

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